Python mpi4py on Intel® True Scale and Omni-Path Clusters

Python users of the mpi4py package, leveraging capabilities for distributed computing on supercomputers with the Intel® True Scale or Intel® Omni-Path interconnects might run into issues with the default configuration of mpi4py.

The mpi4py package is using matching probes (MPI_Mpobe) for the receiving function recv() instead of regular MPI_Recv operations per default. These matching probes from the MPI 3.0 standard however are not supported for all fabrics, which may lead to a hang in the receiving function.

Therefore, users are recommended to leverage the OFI fabric instead of TMI for Omni-Path systems. For the Intel® MPI Library, the configuration could look like the following environment variable setting.:


Users utilizing True Scale or Omni-Path systems via the TMI fabric, might alternatively switch off the usage of matching probe operations within the mpi4py recv() function.

This can be established via

mpi4py.rc.recv_mprobe = False

right after importing the mpi4py package.



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