QEMU boots and runs very slow on Linux*

On a Linux* system, QEMU runtime may be slow if the kvm kernel module is not enabled.

To check if the kvm module is enabled:

  • open a terminal console and run the command:
    $ lsmod |grep kvm
  • If the output is not similar to what you see below, you need to insert the kvm-intel kernel module manually.
    kvm_intel 42019 0
    kvm 256808 1 kvm_intel

To enable the kvm-intel kernel module manually, please follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Intel® Virtualization technology in bios and reboot. Normally it is in the Security setting. You may be required to shutdown power and restart the machine after change.
  2. Boot the Linux* system, open a terminal console, execute the following command:
    $ sudo modprobe –i kvm-intel
  3. After step 2, the command "$ lsmod |grep kvm" output should show the kvm-intel module.

You may need to upgrade your graphics card driver to the latest version that supports OpenGL* acceleration.

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