Readme for Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments

Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments

This package contains the following items:

Harmony JDK which is instrumented with VM supporting NCAI (JVMTI
extension) and MMDebug backend.

MMDebug plugin for Eclipse historically called XDBG.

- Windows XP or Linux ia32 system
- Eclipse 3.2 or higher with installed CDT plugin 3.1 or higher
- 1.5 compatible JRE to run Eclipse
-Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005

Unpack Harmony JDK somewhere on your local drive. You will need it
to debug your mixed mode application.
To install MMDebug plugin copy the contents of xdbg directory into
Eclipse plugin directory.
To remove MMDebug plugin delete* directories
from Eclipse plugin directory.

1. Arrange Eclipse Java project which includes some JNI library calls.
2. Arrange C/C++ project which includes the JNI library sources.
3. Build the projects above. You should not necessarily build the JNI
libraries by Eclipse: they may be built any other way you like.
4. Create new Debug configuration as Mixed Java Application specifying
options on the following pads:
- Main: Java project and main class name
- XDI: nothing to do, just make sure you have it
- JRE: <harmony-jdk>/jre as Alternate JRE
- Source: add C/C++ project to source lookup path
- Environment:
o Windows:
   PATH = <path-to-built-JNI-libraries> 
   PSDIAMSDIANAME="%VS80COMNTOOLS%\..\..\DIA SDK\bin\msdia80.dll"
o Linux:
   LD_LIBRARY_PATH = <path-to-built-JNI-libraries>
5. You may set a line breakpoint to Java or JNI C/C++ source, step
Into/Over/Return, explore stack frames of the running threads shown
in the Debug view, local and static variables in Variables view,
manage the breakpoints in Breakpoint view.

Known Issues
1. May skip JNI methods if you Step Return from a Java method.
2. You may need to launch Eclipse with -Xmx512m option to debug
a big application:
eclipse.exe -vm <JAVA_HOME>/bin/java.exe vmargs -Xmx512m

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