Redistributable libraries for the Intel® Parallel Composer


Note: If you are looking for redistributable libraries for Intel Parallel Composer 2011, please visit this article instead.

This article contains links to the redistributable installation packages for the Intel Parallel Composer.

The redistributable packages are for the end users who use applications that are built with Intel Parallel Composer. Please note that there is one redistributable package for every update. Make sure you download and install the one recommended by the application vendor.

OS requirement of the redistributable packages for Intel Parallel Composer

The supported OS are: Windows XP*, Vista*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008*.

Installation instructions

The redistributable package is a .zip file that contains two redistributable setup programs: one for IA32; one for Intel 64.

The installation program will guide you through the installation. You will need to accept the license and the installation will install all the libraries to the fixed directory.

The installation directory is
[Common Files]\Intel\Shared Files\cpp

The installation will add the above directory to your environment variable "path" as well.

If you wish to install the redistributable package "silently", so that no output is presented to the user, run the executable with the following options added to the command line:
>> composer_update3_redist_XXXX.exe /S /V/qn

Links to the redistributable packages

Intel Parallel Composer update 2-revised:
• Redistributable library package
Intel Parallel Composer update 3:
• Redistributable library package
Intel Parallel Composer update 4:
• Redistributable library package
Intel Parallel Composer update 5:
• Redistributable library package
Intel Parallel Composer update 6:
• Redistributable library package
Currently we do not have redistributable packages for Intel® IPP or Intel® TBB. When they're available, this article will be modified to include them.


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Redistributable libraries for the Intel Parallel Composer 2011
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