Redundancy server notes - Floating/Nodelocked license

Redundant License Host Servers

1. Please ensure that your host ids and host names are unique for the three servers. Using a duplicate host name and host ID will not allow the license file to generate successfully during registration.

2. If you intend to install and configure two or three redundant license host servers, you must specify the host name and host id for each of your license host server systems when you register your floating or nodelocked license(s).

3. Please double-check that all your floating or nodelocked licenses are registered for the same three unique, correct host names/host ids.

If you need to update any of your floating or nodelocked licenses to correct the host names/host ids, please follow the instructions in the Intel Knowledge Base article at the link below, or follow the same instructions that can be found in the Intel® FLEXlm License Manager user guide. You must also follow these instructions when you move one or more of your license host servers to a new system.


4. Please make sure at least two license host servers are up and running when the license is checked out from the client system.  That is to say, the Intel license manager for FLEXlm should be started by selecting the right license filei(s) on at least two license host servers where it is installed.

5. If you are using a three-server redundant configuration then at least two must be up and running to make a “quorum” and permit the license to be checked out. You need to start all three license servers to establish a quorum of two. If you do not intend to have all three (or at least two) of the servers running at all times, we recommend using a single license server instead of a three-way redundant license server.

6. If you have only one server running of the three servers keyed into the license, you will likely see the -97 error (see below) for "vendor daemon is down", so you also check that the daemon is running on each server system.

FCompW: The desired vendor daemon is down
a) Check the lmgrd log file, or
b) Try the lmreread command:

Feature: FCompW
Vendor:Host: sl-ecs-snag-01
License path: 28518@sl-ecs-snag-01;C:\PROGRA~2\Intel\Compiler\Fortran -
FLEXlm error: -97,121
For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,
available at "".

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