Remote Terminal MPI Debug using Intel® Debugger

Introduction : 

By default the Intel® Debugger requires the ability to open either a GUI or at least a dedictaed separate xterm window. This article describes how to launch a command line verion of MPI enabled IDB in a command line only terminal window.

Version :
This article applies to the Intel® Debugger for Linux* v11.0 and higher
The proposed command ine and testing of this approach was based on Intel® MPI Library 3.x, but newer versions should work as well.
The screen command needs to be available

Configuration Set Up :
The usage model this article applies to is as follows:

- network based Linux MPI cluster with application possibly running distributed over several nodes

- only available access to the cluster is via remote terminal login (puTTY, ssh, ...)

- no X window output redirection to the login machine is possible 

- Please ensure to IDB_PARALLEL_SHELL set to enable multi-node debugging

"export IDB_PARALLEL_SHELL=/usr/bin/ssh"


- Edit launch script in the bin directory of your Intel® MPI Library installation
- Launch debugger with "screen mpiexec -idb -n <node number> <debuggee executable>"

Python Script Changes :

1. In the line that defines dbg_cmd replace "xterm" with "screen" and remove "-e" in In addition remove the "&" at the end of the line.

E.g. replace the line

dbg_cmd = 'xterm -e ' + tv_exe + ' -pid ' + `os.getpid()` + ' -mpi2 -parallel /usr/bin/python &'


dbg_cmd = 'screen' + tv_exe + ' -pid ' + `os.getpid()` + ' -mpi2 -parallel /usr/bin/python'

2. Replace the line


with the following lines:

cpid = os.fork()

if (cpid == 0):

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Maxim Sorockin's picture

Hi Rob.

I changed script but it still don't works.
If I run

screen mpiexec -idb -n <node number> <debuggee executable>

I obtain

[screen is terminating]


mpiexec -idb -n <node number> <debuggee executable>

I have mpd_uncaught_except_tb handling:
<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: /opt/intel/impi/ undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4
/opt/intel/impi/ 1005 mpiexec
import mtv
/opt/intel/impi/ 2772 <module>


anonymous's picture

The article has been updated. Everything works fine right now (4.0 as well).

anonymous's picture

Hi Robert,
You probably created this article for Intel(r) MPI Library only because MPICH's mpiexec doesn't support '-idb' option.
I should mention also that 'screen' is not always available, e.g. not all our servers have this utility installed.
I've tried you suggestion with 64-bit version of the IDB from compiler 11.1 with Intel(r) MPI version and got "Must be connected to a terminal" error, but original xterm version works just fine. Might be there some other settings you missed?

It's quite interesting approach and I'm ready to discuss it via e-mail.

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