Renewal and Upgrade FAQ's

FAQ’s on Renewals and Upgrades

1.Can renewals be applied to Student/NCOM licenses?

No, we do not have renewals for Student/NCOM. Users have to apply for a new non-commercial license to extend the usage. Renewals are available for COM, Academic and Enabling licenses only.

2.What is meant by support expiration?

Customers receive product updates and technical support for the duration of their support period. Typically the support period is one year. Once the support expires, product updates or technical support will no longer be available.

3.If a renewal is applied to wrong product what does customer need to do?

Customer can contact Intel support, to “unregister" the renewal and the customer can then try to re-register the renewals to apply to the desired license, the customer should then be able to download, install and use the Intel product.

4.What are the conditions for successful renewal process?

The standard renewal process does require that the original and renewal products be exactly same, including license type (single user, floating or node locked with same number of seats). You may also renew a product registered by someone else in your company. Your email domain name must match that of the person who registered the original serial number.

5.Can renewals, be applied to licenses that came with CD? Is there a way to track them online?

If the serial number from the CD is registered, then you can track the serial number in IRC. You can apply renewal on this serial number if it is registered.

6.I get message that all of your matching serial numbers have already been renewed. Cannot a serial number be renewed further?

You may register only one serial number beyond your currently supported serial number. The customer already has one renewal "in the bank", meaning that the serial number that this serial number renewed has not yet expired. We only allow one of these serial numbers to be renewed in advance.

7. Why do the serial numbers that can be renewed appear out of sequence?

Serial numbers appear in the order they are registered. Renewal starts from original serial number support expiration date, not from original serial number registration date. Renewal of a Product is time based; product version does not matter. Customer needs to buy a renewal timely when the support expires. Customer should register all the serial numbers purchased so that all the serial numbers appear in registered products list.

8. Can you tell a renewal from a full license by SN?

If you have the serial number, just look them up in IRC, and that should tell you if it is a renewal. For a renewal, you will also see the previous license in the "chain" that it renewed. As you go back through the "chain" of licenses, you will eventually come to one that has no previous license, so that is the original product license.

9.Can you tell a renewal from a full license by *.lic license file?

No. From license file you cannot tell if it is a renewal. You have to search IRC by the serial number that generated this license file

10.What is an upgrade to a software product?

There are two types of upgrades – free and product SKU.
a. Free upgrades are offered in two cases.
i. A subsequent version of a product has a new
feature code
ii.A product is EOL

b. Customers can take advantage of promotional offers to upgrade their product to a product with additional capabilities (features, components). 

Both cases require new licenses which require new serial numbers.

11.What is the difference between an upgrade and renewal?

There are two Upgrade programs; Upgrade and Special Upgrade Program. Also, please check the Renewal program for more info.

12.Why can't I use an SSR for the Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 product to renew the Intel® Parallel Studio 2009 product?

The Intel® Parallel Studio 2009 product is version based; they do not expire and do not get product updates for the next version. We offered a free upgrade to the Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 product but that expired 12/31/2010. You cannot renew 2009 product which is version based.

13.Where I can buy renewal licenses?

For buying or renewal single user, floating, or node-locked licenses, contact a reseller or visit the on-line software store provided by ISP on behalf of Intel® Software. For more information on renewing Intel® Software Development Products, please visit the Buy or Renew link.

14.How do I renew my license?

You can extend your commercial, academic, or enabling license by ordering support renewals for your product from the reseller. After receiving your renewal serial number, you will need to register it at the Intel® Registration Center. You will then need to follow the directions shown to install your new license file. To extend your non-commercial license, go to the non-commercial software website and register again for your non-commercial product.

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