Resourceful dictionary Optimized for Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablets for Android*

The popular language-based app is available to mobile device users.

A recent announcement from the development team at GmbH stated that its useful translation app, dictionary, is optimized for Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ processors. The helpful language information provided by this app can now be easily accessed by users of this device.

The dictionary app provides a wealth of language information to its users. Offering translations for 51 different language combinations, downloadable vocabularies are updated on the daily basis. The resources provided to users are infinite; for example, the German-English dictionary contains 960,000 translations. Recent searches are remembered for further ease-of-use. The reference information is available even without an Internet connection, thanks to the offline dictionary feature. In addition, new translations and corrections can be suggested online, and every translation gets checked by several other contributors, allowing the app to consistently be a reliable resource.

Quickly looking up a word or translation has never been easier than on the platform offered by Android* tablets powered by Intel Atom processors. Users of the device can also enjoy the interactivity provided in the form of the app’s quiz games that test language knowledge and skills. The Intel® Developer Zone contributed to the development of dictionary by providing support and offering troubleshooting along the way.

Paul Hemetsberger, Managing Director of GmbH, stated, "We feel that the more people who can access and use our app to the fullest, the better. Our collaboration with Intel has allowed a broader reach, and we are thrilled that our smart reference app will just continue to grow with users and contributors." dictionary is available for immediate download at the Google Play Store:

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