River Trail: Bringing Parallel JavaScript* to the Web

Parallel JavaScript* technology is being developed by Intel Labs to enable more powerful and immersive web-based applications for PCs, laptops, and Ultrabook™ devices. Parallel JavaScript promises to speed up web applications across future HTML5 platforms by taking advantage of the parallel processing capabilities inherent in the latest Intel multi-core microprocessors.

Intel Labs has developed a prototype implementation of Parallel JavaScript technology codenamed River Trail. River Trail is available as open source software to researchers and developers in the form of a Firefox add-on at GitHub.com. River Trail has also been submitted as a strawman proposal to the ECMAScript working group, the standards body that defines JavaScript.


Renee James recently announced that Mozilla, in collaboration with Intel, is working on a native implementation of Parallel JavaScript technology for Firefox browsers to bring the power of parallel computing to web applications in 2013.

Intel Labs has created an interactive game to allow you to preview the benefits of Parallel JavaScript technology, built with the same River Trail prototype available on GitHub.com. Click here for platform requirements and instructions on installing the necessary software packages.

To learn more about the River Trail prototype:

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