Road Warrior by Mobjoy

Developers have been busy taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Ultrabook™ devices to develop new games that are exciting and interactive. One such developer is Mobjoy, who has developed the intense racing game Road Warrior. The game was a 2012 Unity Award finalist.

Road Warrior is set in a post-apocalyptic world where drivers have customized cars armed with arsenals of weapons to give each racer a competitive advantage. The goal is to win the race by successfully maneuvering the racetrack with numerous stunts, avoid being blown up, use your weapons to get ahead, and win the race. Players get to unlock and race with 11 customizable cars that can be equipped with five deadly weapons and blow up their competitors. There are nine levels with multiple paths designed to favor certain cars.

As an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone, Mobjoy accessed tools, code and support to help optimize Road Warrior for the Intel® architecture. They worked closely with Intel developers and engineers to create the best code possible and received inspiration in the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having Intel support during the development of Road Warrior was tremendously helpful,” said Mateus Ximenes, Product Director. “The assistance and input we received helped us to make the best possible game for Ultrabook devices.”

The powerful Intel® Core™ processors, high resolution screen and touch capabilities featured in Ultrabook devices help make Road Warrior a visually compelling, interactive and highly entertaining game.

Due to the extensive development support from Intel and the powerful platform of Ultrabook devices, Mobjoy is looking forward to developing new games for Ultrabook systems.

“We are very pleased with the high level of interactivity for Road Warrior on Ultrabook systems and are looking at developing fun new games that take advantage of this platform,” Mateus noted.  

Mobjoy is an innovative and creative game studio committed to building new experiences by delivering high standard, visually stunning and joyful gaming. It builds games custom built to platforms to ensure the best possible experience. For more information:

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