Running IDB from command line after relocating Xcode environment

Problem :

After installing the Intel Compiler version 11.1, there will be two development environments available on the local machine. 

1) Command line environment (default install location /opt/)
2) Xcode integration environment (default install location /<Xcode directory>/opt/)

The command line environment is not relocatable, meaning that you can't drag and drop the installed directory ( /opt ) to another location and use the tools from the command line. However, a script is provided to perform this relocation; see the compiler Release Notes for instructions.

The Xcode integration environment is relocatable, meaning that you can drag and drop the compiler to another location or local host and still be able to invoke the Intel Compiler from within Xcode.

The Intel Debugger (idb), however, is a command line only application, and in order to use idb after relocating the Xcode environment, the user will need to make some changes in order to run IDB from the command line.

Environment :

Intel Compiler 11.1, Mac OS X 10.5.6 and newer, Xcode 3.1 and newer

Root Cause :

After relocating the Xcode integration environment, users need to set some environment settings on the local host machine to run IDB.

Resolution :

To use IDB from the command line after relocating the Xcode integration environment, users will need to do the following:

The debugger binary “iidb” needs to have procmod and the s bit set to function correctly. Also, it has to be on a local disk on the Mac OS X system.  Perform the following commands, supplying the root password when prompted:

  1. sudo chgrp procmod iidb
  2. sudo chmod +s iidb
Invoke idb using the full path:
/<Xcode directory>/opt/intel/Compiler/<major version>/<minor version>/bin/idb

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