SaffronStreamline Issues and Defects Resolution (IDR) 1.0 User Guide

SaffronStreamline IDR includes five dashboard solutions that enable end-users to quickly identify possible duplicate issues, workforce redundancies, and skill gaps. These dashboards offer possible issue resolutions and automatically identify experts who can resolve issues based on previous experience and subject matter knowledge. SaffronStreamline IDR helps users manage cost and efficiency as they manage potential risks.

Access SaffronStreamline IDR

SaffronStreamline IDR is accessed through SaffronArchitect, our package configuration and visualization tool. View the SaffronArchitect User Guide


Scroll down the page to view the available dashboard options. You can quickly navigate to a dashboard by clicking its title in the left-hand navigation bar. To open a dashboard, click Launch: 

Note that all dashboards except Issue Investigation require that you enter a date range. Options are past 7 days (default), yesterday, and past 30 days. The options appear when you click Launch:

While viewing a dashboard, you can navigate to other dashboards by clicking the applicable tab at the top of the page:


SaffronStreamline IDR features the following dashboards:

Issue Investigation Query terms to find similar or possible duplicate issues or defects related to your project. View recommended experts for issue or defect resolution.

Issue Similarity & Expert Recommendation Identify issue or defects that are similar to -- or even duplicates of -- other issues that have been assigned to developers on your team.

Issue Classification Take a more in-depth look at relationships between issues.

Project Status Take an overall project view of similar issues and possible duplicates.

Test Case Similarity & Expert Recommendation View recommended test cases and experts for a given task.

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