Sample Application: Bluetooth* Peer Connection Sample

Provide a Windows* 8 Sample in JavaScript* that uses the Windows.Networking.Proximity API and demonstrates code that allows one Bluetooth-enabled device to communicate with another in close proximity. The application demonstrates the ability to use the PeerFinder class and connect via Bluetooth using the AllowBluetooth properties. This in turn triggers the events required to establish connection with the peer device, return, and output a message stating the peer device is available and ready for connection. The sample app can send messages back and forth between two enabled devices. *Note that in order for this app to work there must be two devices present and Bluetooth services turned on.

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About the Author
Raj Puran works as Application Engineer in Intel’s Personal Form Factor team focused on Software Development support for Intel based phones and tablets. Over the past year Raj has been focused on supporting both communication and media applications on tablet and phone form factors. His main focus is on wireless, video processing and content creation technologies for mobile platforms.

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