Sample Application: Haptic/Touch Gesture Sensor App

Thomas Gideon Eaton, Atom Software Applications Engineer

Application Origination:
Intel Mobile and Communications Group (MCG)


Often times, hardware platforms are sold to independent software vendors (ISVs) with little or no information on how their software can take advantage of the hardware’s features. Here at Intel, we’re creating small software applications for ISVs as examples of how to interface with the various hardware features present on these hardware platforms.

This paper’s purpose is to describe the gesture application that is provided with the Intel® tablets that run the Android* OS. The code for the gesture app is divided into sections with descriptions of each section. By going through the code in this manner, ISV developers can quickly build and use the code and easily find explanations of the sections of code they may be unfamiliar with.

We recommend that you try out the features and compile the code as you read through the paper.

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