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Software Assessment Tools Announcement

All good things must get upgraded. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have enhanced the Intel® Developer Zone Software Assessments.

What is changing?

We have introduced a new software assessment suite that combines the Intel® Concurrency Checker and the Intel® Power Checker into one application. The new software assessment suite will analyze your software’s performance and power efficiency for targeted Intel® technologies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please review the FAQ’s below or contact support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which of the previous Software Assessment Tools have been removed?
    All 3 existing Software Assessment Tools (the Intel® Concurrency Checker, Intel® Power Checker and, Intel® Manageability Checker) have been removed from the website.

  2. Why is the Intel® Developer Zone replacing the Software Assessment Tools?
    We are making numerous improvements to the tool that will make your software analysis faster and easier to manage.

  3. Will I lose my previous results when the current software assessment tool is removed?
    No. All assessment results completed before December 21, 2012 will remain available to users.

  4. Since the Software Assessment Tools are being removed, how do I earn the points to become an Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner?
    There are a variety of activities that may provide points towards your membership tier. Please review your dashboard for recommendations or check the membership levels FAQ page.

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Derek Lan's picture

How I can submit tool report file ?

Mohith A.'s picture

I have installed 64 bit assessment tool and tested 3 software profiles, also saved the results and I can see those reports on my account. Does it mean, test successful?

okarpov's picture


Is there going to be Windows 7 support for the tool?

Thank you

Faizal S.'s picture

Thanks for the Great Support
Er.Faizal Shaikh

mani m.'s picture


Michael K.'s picture

When the new Assesment Tools will be available?

mani m.'s picture

when it ill release?


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