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Whether your character is cartoon-like or hyper-realistic, there are a few simple design concepts (okay - Tricks or Cheats) you can incorporate to make your eyeballs "look" good. Download the Seeing Eyes,Tricks to Make Eyes Look Good guide for a quick "How To."

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Download the Seeing Eyes, Tricks to Make Eyes Look Good guide.

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anonymous's picture

Could u pls tell me, how can i attach my dynamic eyelashes to the facial blends.......

udayonze's picture

I find that using autodesk tools such as
-3d max

can slove half the problems.

Creating a bone structure for eyelashes as triangles (least thin) can give a good look.

Steve Pitzel (Intel)'s picture

Hey hardchan, I'll be posting a tutorial on using morph targets that may help. Are you able to use morph targets (blend shapes) in your project - or are you limited to bones/joints?

anonymous's picture

pls.....i need to some one tell me how to animate the face pls .........i want anser to make me project plsssssssssssssssssssssssss ...thx
im waiting

Joel D. (Intel)'s picture

Hi everyone,

Part 2 of the tutorial is available here:

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