Senspark announces Gold Miner Game Now Available for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Tablet users can now download this entertaining gold mining game.

The charming Gold Miner game from Senspark is now being offered to Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*.  Mobile device users can now play this clever game right on their screens.

The miner needs to make his money; good thing his job is digging for gold! With a variety of tools and tricks, the miner can scoop up gold, diamonds and even moles to gain more points. With silly, catchy music, endearing graphics and an intuitive point system, anyone can join in the gold mining fun.

This recent compatibility with Android* tablets gives Gold Miner a sharp look on the high definition screen. The upbeat music sounds exceptionally clear through the high quality audio. The Intel® Developer Zone provided added assistance so that Gold Miner runs flawlessly.

“Gold Miner is a great adventure game for all ages,” says Lam Ho, Director at Senspark. “The fast processor on the Android* tablet means the game is very responsive and because it is so portable, people can download and play Gold Miner everywhere.”

Gold Miner is available for immediate download at Google Play:

About Senspark:

Senspark is an independent gaming company out of Saigon, Viet Nam.  They aim to provide creative and entertaining games for an international market. For more on Senspark please visit:

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