Error: The Serial Number Provided is Not Valid for This Solution Set - 11.0 C++/Fortran installation for Mac

Problem :
I encountered the error below when installing 11.0 C++/Fortran compiler for Mac OS. How to fix this error?


Environment : 
1) Architecture (IA-32 or Intel 64): Macbook Air (IA-32)
2) OS version: 10.5.6
3) Xcode version: Xcode 3.1.2

Root Cause : 

The error "Invalid Serial Number" will appear if the user does not have write permission to the directory /Users/Shared/Library/Application\ Support/Intel/Licenses.

This directory by default has write permission enabled, however, installation of other third party products such as Adobe products might change the permission for this directory. This change in permission will result in an error during installation of Intel® Compiler Products because the installer can not create a license file in this directory.

Even if the user provide their own license file instead of a serial number, the error will still occur if the installer can not copy the license to the directory /Users/Shared/Library/Application\ Support/Intel/Licenses.

Resolution : 
Please change the /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support folder privileges to 777. You will then install the product successfully.

A related article pertaining to Mac OS X, Intel Compiler 11.1 can be found here.

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Dear customer,
My reminder is to provide an option for you if you want to get help to have your issue recolved.
Thank you for your sharing your case.


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First of all, here is the correct fix for my system:

Change the permissions on the "/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support" folder to 777.

I did this from the command line using the following command:
>sudo chmod 777 "/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support"

And Lina,

What gives you the right to tell me when and where to place a comment? Are you the moderator of this site? The comments section someplace where people can comment on whether a fix works. Your fix does not work on my system. If others had the same problem and this fix didn't work, wouldn't it be helpful for them to know, too? You know, sort of a group therapy session, where you do not feel so alone trying to get this darn program to install? I wasn't looking for technical support- I didn't ask for technical support. I didn't ask a question. I was just sharing with others my personal experience. The comments section is a good place to submit personal experiences. This is not a good place for you to lash out at people pointing out that your fix does not work.

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Dear customer,
Please DO not submit your issue as the comment to articles since it is not a good place to submit issues.
But you can put your question to where the experts will assist you.

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Nope. This didn't work for me on my Macbook Pro running 10.5.7 and Xcode 3.1.2, or on my IMac running 10.5.6 and Xcode 3.1.2.

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