Smoke - Game Technology Demo Download - Retired

This demo has been retired as it was developed for earlier generation hardware.


The demo is still available for download if desired.

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  • DOWNLOAD the Smoke Rev 1.2 Installer - (117.5 MB) - installs all prerequisites, including DirectX and Havok runtimes
  • DOWNLOAD the Smoke Rev 1.2 Source Code - (179.2 MB) - requires DirectX SDK and Havok 5.5


DOWNLOAD Havok Physics and Havok Animation SDKs, version 5.5

The Intel-sponsored Havok PC download is a binary-only bundle that includes all of the standard features and functionality of both the Havok™ Physics and Havok™ Animation products. The download includes Havok SDK libraries, samples, and technical documentation for software developers; as well as Havok's Content Tools for preparation and export of physical assets and characters directly from recent versions of popular 3D modeling and animation tools.

Previous Version of Smoke:



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it was great experience to have such a greate software

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hey mates.. i didnt find the source code package.... let me know as soon as possible....

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part 1/2/3/4/ plz tell me regens now and my help now plz

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this software requrment is dot net use ya other applicatione use

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Mike Yi, your link is broken!
That's a common issue on the forums which make the hyperlinks shorter.
Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!
Nobody likes that nasty trimmer.
Now the correct links for the presentations are:

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Smoke R1.2 has been released and features the following changes: • Smoke now has a simpler build and builds with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 • Fixed occasional crash when subdividing objects, after physics collision • Fixed a number of memory leaks and uses of uninitialized memory • Ambient lighting now lights the shaded side of objects • Smoke runs faster, mostly due to speedups in fire object code A series of articles will shortly accompany this new release of Smoke, illustrating the tools and methods used to increase performance. There is also a presentation that can be downloaded from the site which shows: - Benchmark and measure a baseline - Find common memory and data race bugs with Intel® Parallel Studio - Drill down into hot spots in the code, and highlight why they're hot with Intel Parallel Studio and Intel® VTune™ Analyzer - Find concurrency problems with Intel® Thread Profiler - Show some speedups made in the code The presentation can be found here: with presentation material found here: Please let us know if you have any suggestions for making Smoke better!

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Hey ricky143 and Rami,
Thanks for trying VS2010. We are currently updating everything for 2008, then we'll try 2010 ;)


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