Some gcc Headers will not Compile due to Use of C++0x Variadic Templates

Reference Number : DPD200027211

Version : 11.1, Intel® C++ Compiler XE 2011

Product : Intel® C++ Composer XE for Linux*, Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* Professional Edition

Operating System : Linux*

Problem Description : From gcc 4.3 forward, certain gcc header files contain uses of the C++0x feature variadic templates.  This feature is not yet supported by the Intel® C++ Compiler, so the use of the feature in these header files causes compilation errors with the Intel compiler.  The following is a table of header files and the gcc versions where these header files have issues.

gcc 4.3gcc 4.4gcc 4.5

† Header file does not exist in this version of gcc

An example of an error you might see is:

[shell:nogutter:nocontrols]error: function is not a template[/shell:nogutter:nocontrols]

Resolution Status : These issues has been resolved in the Intel® C++ Composer XE 2011 Update 6.  Note that using update 6 is a significant compiler upgrade from previous updates.

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Sergey Kostrov's picture

That's a very interesting to learn.

But, to be honest, I will resist to ANY attempt of using 'variadic templates' on our 95%-C++-templates-based project. Why? Because of portability issues with some older C/C++ compilers currently used on the project.

Best regards,

Brandon Hewitt (Intel)'s picture

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately I can't comment on future product plans, but we are taking this compatibility problem seriously and are working on a fix.

davehomiak's picture

Forgot to point out in my first post that this error is in my code, not a gcc header, and a variadic template is not involved.

davehomiak's picture

What is the status of this issue. I am evaluating icpc (ICC) 12.0.4 20110427, and see that the following bug was fixed:

DPD200165009 C++ gcc* 4.5 error: GNU C++ allows C++0x list initializers in non-C++0x modes

but I am still getting errors using gcc 4.5.1 headers like this:

error: hash is not a template
struct hash<test::math::framework::PriceDouble>

so, it fits the description mentioned above. Can you give any estimate of when this will be fixed?


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