SpeakingPal Introduces SpeakingPal English Tutor Application for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

This instructive application offers Android* tablet users a wide variety of useful tools to learn English.

SpeakingPal, the educational developer, just made its powerful SpeakingPal English Tutor app available to Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Mobile device users can learn a new language right from their screen.

Now mobile device users can practice their English skills with this versatile, effective app. It boasts incredible voice recognition and a virtual speaking partner so that anyone can refine their speech in simulated conversation. The rich multimedia platform offers video, text and audio, providing immediate, color-coded feedback on pronunciation. SpeakingPal English Tutor has beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels, as well as basic conversation, business and academic language needs.

The Android* tablets’ high-speed processor makes SpeakingPal English Tutor all that much more responsive. The highly portable design means that students can take their English tutor with them everywhere, allowing them to pick up English even faster. The Intel® Developer Zone made resources and guidance available throughout the development process.

“We want our SpeakingPal English Tutor app to encourage quick and fun acquisition of English for everyone,” says Eyal Eshed, CEO of SpeakingPal. “So this latest optimization with Android* tablets helps to achieve that goal in terms of access and portability. The app runs so perfectly, and the sound is so clear through the high quality audio, users will be fluent in no time.”

SpeakingPal English Tutor is available for immediate download at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speakingpal.speechtrainer.sp

About SpeakingPal:

SpeakingPal changes the way people learn a second language by letting users interact with a virtual video tutor on the mobile and get instant pronunciation feedback. SpeakingPal provides a natural speaking experience powered by Speech Recognition technology and innovative scoring logic. For more about SpeakingPal, please visit: http://www.speakingpal.com/

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