Squares – 10-point Touch Sample

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Squares is a 4-player game where players face off against each other to eliminate all the squares of their designated color as fast as possible. Everyone is timed, so players know who eliminated all their square first. Sounds easy, but you’re also fighting to tap your square when someone else is also trying to tap their square. Players can also accidentally eliminate other people’s squares by hitting the wrong color. A true multi-player experience!

Squares Sample

At the end, times are presented for each player along with an option to quit (red square) or restart (green square).

Squares Sample

This sample is just one example of how developers might integrate multi-touch displays into their applications, focusing on 10-points of touch. In this sample, players are not limited by one finger. They can use all 10 fingers with the display hardware being the limiting actor. Future enhancements of this game may include the ability to drag and flick other people’s squares to prevent them from eliminating their square.

The minimum resolution supported is 720p, and a display that supports at least one touch point is required. This sample was designed for the Intel® Core M (codename Broadwell) Ultrabook Software Development Platform, therefore resolution tuning may be required for other platforms.


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