Statistics on App Game Interfaces HTML5 Acceleration

To accurately document App Game Interfaces acceleration on iOS and Android, a comprehensive battery of tests on a variety of devices and OS versions were run. View graphical results below.

Details On Testing of App Game Interfaces vs. Unaccelerated HTML5

Two identical test apps were created. One using just HTML5, the other using the same code base but integrated with App Game Interfaces for acceleration. The apps track the game's “frame rate” by drawing as fast as possible, and then counting the number of redraws that occur per second.

Notes on the test conditions:

  • In each test, the apps were started and tested 3 times, with 10, 30, 50, 70, and 100 animated entities on screen.
  • Each time the entities were changed, the app was allowed to settle for 5 seconds and then the FPS reading was taken.
  • The test devices were running the OS version described in the grid, with no background tasks or other apps running.

Read the complete test report.

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