Stolen Couch Games Releases One-Button Ichi Game for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows 8.1*

Tablet users get a brain-based workout with this deceptively difficult puzzle game.


Stolen Couch Games has released its award winning addicting puzzle game, Ichi for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows 8.1*. Tablet users will enjoy hours of puzzle fun with this simple-looking but brain-twisting game.

What began as a developer challenge to create a compelling, difficult and engaging one-button game evolved into the Ichi phenomenon. To play this interactive game, players simply tap the screen to draw a line and change the playing field. The object is to collect all golden with as few taps as possible. Players use the principles of physics and objects in motion to aim, redirect lines and solve puzzles.

Deceptively simple, the game’s basic graphics disguise its complicated gameplay. Tablet users can spend hours trying to rotate objects into the best possible positions for collecting golden rings. As players become more advanced they can create their own customized levels and share them with other players. Or, they can find new challenges by selecting and playing levels created by others.

Recently, Stolen Couch optimized Ichi for Intel Atom tablets for Windows 8.1*. During this process, the Intel® Developer Zone made resources and assistance available to the game’s developers.

“Ichi is as difficult as it is simple,” says Eric Diepeveen of Stolen Couch Games. “We optimized it for Intel Atom tablets for Windows 8.1* because we wanted our players to be able to have an interactive, portable gaming experience. The touch features of the tablet and its powerful Intel® Atom™ processor ensure that players have the most control over their gameplay and that the game performs without glitches.”

Ichi is available for immediate download.

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Stolen Couch Games is an independent games developer based out of The Netherlands. For more information visit its website:

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