Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Mobile Technology

Opening the door to your own creativity is easier than you think.

It’s an unfortunate misconception that some people are naturally creative and some are not.  As humans, we all have the impulse to create, explore, use different parts of our brains, and express ourselves.  Art goes back to the beginning, when we first felt the need to document our experience on the cave walls. 

We also have a tendency to compare ourselves to the Leonardo’s and Ai Weiwei’s of the world, a comparison that could inhibit more than inspire.   All great artists had to start somewhere and creative expression is just like any other skill: it requires practice and an emphasis on the process, rather than the product. 

In case you need motivation to take up a new creative outlet, consider the following positive side effects. Art can:

  • engage different parts of the brain
  • improve attention span
  • create a sense of accomplishment1

Today we have many powerful creative tools at our disposal, tools that facilitate more fluid and full realization of ideas than most people realize.  Executing a sketch doesn’t have to take collective hours in a drawing or graphic design class because the technology has become so intuitive, it’s almost like users have a built-in assistant to help guide them. 

We all have a creative potential; we just need to give ourselves permission to explore it.

Silicon Benders LLC’s app called Sketchable provides a creative digital journaling experience with layers, which allows the artists in all of us to easily add, place, paste, rearrange, transform, and merge layers.  There are eight different tools to choose from in order to create the desired effect.  With the Stroke Preview function, the user can make quick adjustments or delve into the numerous controls of each tool.  Color Pots store up to 12 unique colors for quick access, and with the Color Picker feature, adjustments can easily be made to hue, value, and saturation, while navigating toward an ideal color.  There are over a dozen custom paper textures to tweak while using textured painting tools.  The Multi-tool Stylus Eraser can assume the identity of any available tool when contact occurs with the tool icon.  Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation as your work of art nears its completion.

Once a sketch is finished, you have the opportunity to share your own creativity and spread the wealth of art benefits with others.  Users can easily share projects, and post ideas, creations, and images for everyone to see, all within the Sketchable app.

There is a unique satisfaction in engaging different parts of the brain when we study colors and shapes, and that is its own reward.  What makes this technology so fulfilling is how fast users can learn to apply the functions.

Whether you are a skilled artist wanting a platform that allows easy articulation of your designs, or you are new to the process of creating visually, the journey you take on the Sketchable app, now enabled for 2 in 1 devices powered by Intel® Core™ M processors, will surprise you.  Unlock your creative potential– you owe it to yourself. Download the Sketchable app here:http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/961bd25b-a831-40cc-a152-797ae25e119d?ocid=Apps_Search_WOL_en-us_search-main_search-results-from_search-sketchable_text-link_sketchable




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