Debug Intel® ATOM™ platform via Direct Connect Interface

Debug Intel® ATOM™ platform via Direct Connect Interface

Dec 2017

Author : Kan Hayashi (Intel)


Intel® Direct Connect Interface (DCI) is an innovative new tool transport for use in debug, validation, and testing of Intel® hardware and software in a closed-chassis target environment. Historically, this activity has required access to internal target DFx interfaces and features only available in non-closed-chassis environments, through physical debug connectors or pads on the board or silicon via a standard Intel debug port - XDP. XDP stands for eXtended Debug Port, is a 60-pin debug port that provides access to JTAG, run control and other system control resources.

 This document describes how to run Intel® DCI through Intel® System Studio software into targets with Intel® Atom platform with DCI support for closed-chassis debugging.

Intel® System Debugger 2018 is the debugger software, part of Intel® System Studio 2018, for latest Intel® Atom SoC platforms with a simple topology. The target Atom platform, can be connected with a debug host machine with Intel® System Debugger installed through an USB3.0 Debug Cable.

 The target audience is engineers for firmware (UEFI BIOS / Intel® Firmware Support Package (FSP)) development, system bring-up, system integration and so on.

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Li, Leslie (Intel)'s picture

Hello, can we enable DCI on cherry trail launched product?  we want to debug customer's issue via DCI on cherry trail T4 platform. thanks.








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