Tasking Update

Tasking Update

Intel Corporation

Features / Description

This update to the samples adds two new back ends to the original Task Manager API. The back ends replace the original implementation's use of Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) with Microsoft* Concurrency Runtime and a custom Windows* Thread-based scheduler. In addition to the new back end, mechanisms were added to allow for runtime switching between them. The new back ends and the runtime switch are applied to the previously shipped Colony, Morphological Anti-Aliasing, and Multi-Threaded Animation samples.



System Requirements


  • CPU: Dual core or better (Intel® Core™ i5 or better suggested)
  • GFX: Microsoft DirectX* 9c capable graphics card
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista* (x64 editions) or Microsoft Windows* 7 (x64 editions)
  • MEM: 2 GB of RAM or better


Toolkits Supported:
  • Microsoft DirectX* SDK (June 2010 release or later)
  • Microsoft Windows* SDK May 2010

Compilers Supported:
Libraries Required:

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