TCP/IP port changes periodically

It may happen that the Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* product periodically changes the port for the Vendor Daemon INTEL. As a result clients cannot access the license server.

FlexNet licensing uses two different ports for the two different executable daemons, the FlexNet daemon and the INTEL vendor daemon. The port acknowledgements show up on the the license server log file, for example:

3:27:06 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 28518

This line says that lmgrd (the FlexNet daemon) is using port 28518. This should match the port specified on the SERVER line in the license file.

The second port you see on the following line, for example:

3:27:27 (lmgrd) INTEL using TCP-port 1090

is talking about the INTEL vendor daemon. If the license file does not specify a port on the VENDOR line (which is default), then lmgrd will dynamically assign an open port.

In order to avoid this dynamic change of the vendor daemon port, a port number can be specified in the client license file; the client license should look something like this:

SERVER <servername> <server_ID> 28518
VENDOR INTEL port=1090

Both ports need to be open through any firewalls.
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