The Everypost Social Media App is Optimized for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Easily publish and manage content for numerous social media channels with Everypost

Everypost now helps manage numerous social media sites on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*.

Acclaimed by social marketers and content professionals, Everypost makes it easier to manage and post content to Facebook*, Twitter*, Google+*, LinkedIn*, Tumblr*, and many others social networks. Users can easily post and share text, photos and videos to their social network of choice.

Content professionals and Social Marketers use Everypost to publish content and increase their reach to more channels and audiences. Everypost helps simplify the format of pictures and videos, or the length of the text. Users can sort preferred channels, see trending topics, view mentions on Twitter*, adjust photo quality, and choose Pinterest* boards and Tumblr* blogs. Plus, Everypost allows users to easily search and post videos from YouTube*, pictures from Flickr* and music from Grooveshark*.

Developers from Everypost Social optimized Everypost for the powerful capabilities of Intel Atom tablets for Android*. Using their status as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone, the developers accessed Intel tools, code, support and more during the development process.

“Everypost makes it easier to manage numerous social media sites directly on Android* tablets,” said Fernando Cuscuela, Co-founder & CEO of Everypost. “The Intel Developer Zone was helpful in providing us the tools we needed to create a powerful social media app that works expertly with the touch controls, high-resolution screen and Intel® Atom™ processors of Android* devices.”

Everypost is now available for download on Google Play:

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