The installation or uninstallation hangs at start-up dialog during "Reading Existing Licenses"

Reference Number : DPD200139120

Version : 
  • Intel®C++ & Visual Fortran Compilers 11.1 initial release and update 1 release:
    o Intel® C++ & Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* 11.1.035
    o Intel® C++ & Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* 11.1.038
  • Intel® Parallel Studio
  • Intel® Parallel Composer initial release, and update 1 release

Operating System : 
Windows 7* or Windows Server 2008* R2

Problem Description : 

We've seen several issues where the installation or uninstallation hangs on the Windows 7 OS.

When installing or uninstalling the above products on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, you may see that the installation/uninstallation hangs at the following screen:


The hang is caused by an issue in chklic.exe.

Resolution Status : 

We are still running validation cycles on these configurations. We will update the Systems Requirements when we complete the validation cycle. We are proactively providing a solution to support our users who may encounter this issue.  

This issue has been resolved:

  1. For Intel® Compiler Professional Editions 11.1, the fix is in the update 2 revised release 11.1.048.
  2. For Intel® Parallel Composer, the fix is in the update 2 revised release.

We've finished validation on Windows 7 and the above product updates or newer support Windows 7.

To download the latest update, log on to the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center.

For uninstallation, you can work-around the issue by deleting the following file: 


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Rodney Lafollette's picture

I am having a comparable problem with Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 (12.1) Update 7, on Windows Vista 32 bit OS. I have tried multiple methods for installing the software to no avail. These include entering the serial number on the installer front panel; using a license manager; and remote activation. Always I get the same message: "chklic.exe has stopped working." I have also run chklic.exe from the command line and it seems to recognize the license file; however the installer still fails.

anonymous's picture

I am having the same problem with Windows Vista 32 Bit, and Visual Studio Fortran Composer XE 12.1. The message I get is "chklic.exe has stopped working." This happens whether I try to input the product serial number in the installer window, or use a license manager, or do it remotely. I am out of ideas as to how to fix this. I have tried running chklic from the command line and it seems to recognize my license file; however, the install still fails.

Philippe Galvez's picture

I have exactly the same problem described above when installing Intel® C++ Composer XE for Windows update 7 (w_ccompxe_2011.7.258.exe) on my Windows Vista Bussines 32bit. I tried also updates 6 with the same result!

Then I tried to install update 1 (w_ccompxe_2011.1.127.exe) and installation works fine !!

Can you help me please because we just purchased Intel® C++ Composer XE but I am not able to install the latest update on my PC.


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