The Intel® Performance Primitives Samples associated with Intel® Parallel Studio 2011-package

Intel® Parallel Studio 2011  brings a breadth of parallelism development and performance solutions for developers using Microsoft Visual C++*. It is a comprehensive, integrated suite of development tools for serial and parallel application development.
The standard package of IPS 2011 contains the list of Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives ( Intel® IPP) Samples:
ipp-samples-image, ipp-samples-signal, ipp-samples-string and ipp-samples-language.
These samples are designed to illustrate Intel IPP function usages in Image Processing, Signal Processing, String Processing and language support for C++ and C#.
Each group of samples is provided within a ZIP archive file. Expand the ZIP file to a writable directory of your choice. All samples are provided as Visual Studio solutions and also contain command-line build instructions in the sources or in a build*.bat file. Each sample include a "readme" file containing important information on building and running the sample.

Intel IPP Sample Features

ZIP Archive nameDescription
Image Processingipp-samples-imageIllustrates how to call Intel IPP Image Processing, Color Conversion and Computer Vision functions in Visual Studio
Signal Processingipp-samples-signalIllustrates how to call Intel IPP Signal Processing functions and some string processing functions.
String Processingipp-samples-stringThe ippgrepsample demonstrates how to use functions that perform matching operations with the Perl-compatible regular expression patterns provided by Intel IPP String Processing Functions
Language Interface Supportipp-samples-languageIllustrate Intel IPP usage in Microsoft* C# .NET and C++ Applications

Note: the links to samples provided on this page are along with Parallel Studio install package. Follow this link if you are looking for the the Intel IPP samples for Parallel Studio 2011

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