The Legends of San Guousha by Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd

The rich history of ancient China has inspired generations of Chinese with tales of rulers, epic battles and heroes. With the Legends of San Guousha app on Ultrabook™ devices, players delve into the entertaining mythology and history of China, in what has been one of the most popular games in China for the PC.

The Legends of San Guousha for the PC brings a new twist to the popular card-based game, which is based on the historical events oriented around the “Three Kingdoms” in Chinese history. Ultrabook devices offer a visually-rich, interactive way to play this wildly popular game.

When developing the Legends of San Guousha for Ultrabook systems, developers at Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd utilized the high resolution screen and touch interface of Ultrabook devices to create a visually-inspired, interactive game.

Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd took advantage of its Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner membership in the Intel® Developer Zone. The developers were able to access tools, code and support to optimize the game for Intel® architecture. They also found inspiration in the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having the resources provided from Intel really helped us to create the best version possible of this game and a new user experience,” said Mr. Du Bin (VP).  

The touch capabilities, Intel® Core™ processor and high resolution screen provides a fast, visually-rich and interactive gaming experience. “Ultrabook devices bring a new gaming experience with the Legends of San Guousha, where users enjoy the touch interface when playing,” noted Mr. Du Bin (VP).

Hangzhou Bianfeng Networking Tech Ltd creates innovative games and operates an online portal for games including card games, board games, mahjong, and simple arcade games. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Hangzhou, China. For more information visit:

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