The New GotYa! Face Trap and Security App is Now Available on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

GotYa! Face Trap and Security app is a powerful anti-theft app that can track a stolen Android* device and send identifying information to the owner.

The AVD app by MFBG now offers its high-quality video downloading capabilities for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This user-friendly and functional app enables tablet users to quickly and clearly download and view Internet video files for free, and then store them for future viewing.

AVD – which stands for Android* Video Downloader -- offers a simpler way to obtain and watch favorite clips, shows or movies. It provides a browser in which users can search for videos and then download and store the files on their tablets. Once downloaded, the videos are available even without an Internet connection.

The app provides a convenient solution to tablet users who often find themselves without access to Wifi. Travelers, students and business people can all benefit from the app’s capabilities.

Developers at MBFG optimized AVD for Intel Atom tablets for Android*. During this process, the Intel® Developer Zone offered technical guidance and troubleshooting.

“AVD offers tablet users a convenient and mobile way to watch their favorite Internet videos,” says Cerrato Renaud, founder of MBFG. “Intel Atom tablets for Android* offer many features that enhance the viewing experience, such as crisp HD screens, clear audio and interactive touch screens that allow them to pause, play or rewind.”

AVD is now available for immediate download on Google Play.

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