The result is empty after running Hotspots?

Sometime the user ran Hotspots Analysis with application, and saw message it said "The result file is successfully created and added to the project, but the result is empty."

This was due to "tiny" (Usually <10ms) duration for Hotspots Analysis (ran application shortly), so the tool cannot capture performance data.  

1. Check if you can run application without tool, sometime the user has two consoles: 1) One is to build application. 2) Another is to launch amplxe-gui. Second console should run application smoothly first, then launch amplxe-gui. Sometime error message "error while loading shared libraries..." on second console (when running Hotspots with application) was not realized by the user. Please set correct environment, for example, add items in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or do "source /opt/intel/composerxe-2011/bin/ intel64"

2. The application might run shortly, please add more workloads in this application. In general speaking, put tested function in depth of loop.  

Also please see another article here for Intel® Parallel Amplifier.  

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