The Sweet Flavors of India by CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

India is a culture rich in culinary diversity, with more than 35 regional cuisines throughout the country. With so much wonderful food, it can be difficult to find the best recipes from each region.

Yet with the Sweet Flavors of India app by CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., finding savory Indian desserts is as easy as tapping the screen of an Ultrabook™ device. Featuring 86 of the most delicious dessert recipes from nine regional cuisines of India, this app is useful for anyone who has passion or willingness for cooking Indian desserts.

With a visually rich interface that details the vibrant colors of Indian cuisine, Sweet Flavors of India utilizes the touch interface and high resolution screen of Ultrabook devices to provide easy to follow cooking instructions for some of the best Indian desserts ever. Users can scroll through the most popular dessert recipes from nine regional cuisines of India: Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Mughlai, Punjabi, Kerali and Goan. Some of the included recipes are: Sandesh (Shondesh), Shrikhand, Phirni, Churma, Kalakand, and Mohanthal.

Sweet Flavors of India features:

  • Rich user interface
  • Advance searching
  • Local data storage enabling fast access
  • Add/ remove favorites
  • Review and rate recipes with stars
  • 86 sweet recipes from nine regions of India
  • Easy navigation
  • Regional cuisines

The high resolution display and touch interface of Ultrabook devices provides a powerful platform to discover some of the best in Indian sweets. The visually inspiring graphics of Sweet Flavors of India reveals each dessert in colorful detail. Plus, the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices make it easy to scroll through the dessert choices. 

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