"The system cannot find the path specified" when building samples using Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Reference Number : DPD200172472

Version : 2011

Product : Intel® C++ Composer XE, Intel® Parallel Composer

Operating System : Windows*

Problem Description : In update 6, certain compiler samples that use Intel® Threading Building Blocks, for example cilk\qsort-mutex may fail when built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* during a post-build copy step.  The output you get will look like:

[shell]1> Description: Copy TBB DLLs 1> The system cannot find the path specified. 1> The system cannot find the path specified. 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(113,5): error MSB3073: The command "copy /y "redistia32tbbvc_mttbb_debug.dll" "C:CilkRC3Cilkqsort-mutexDebug\" 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(113,5): error MSB3073: copy /y "redistia32tbbvc_mttbbmalloc_debug.dll" "C:CilkRC3Cilkqsort-mutexDebug\" 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(113,5): error MSB3073: 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(113,5): error MSB3073: :VCEnd" exited with code 1. 1> 1>Build FAILED.[/shell]
Resolution Status : We are working on resolving this in a future release.  In the meantime, go to the project properties for the sample in question, go to "Build Events->Post Build Event" and Edit the "Command Line" field, and replace any instance of "$(INTEL_DEF_IA32_INSTALL_DIR)" with the hardcoded path to the Intel Parallel Composer or C++ Composer XE root directory.

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