Think Parallel-Training Opportunity with the Intel Academic Community

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Pre-SIGCSE Training Sessions
Intel at SIGCSE
Intel SIGCSE Sessions

Think Parallel- Training Opportunity with Intel® Academic Community

Are you attending SIGCSE 09? Be sure to take advantage of this free pre-show lecture and workshop. It will be a day of parallelism, with time built in for technical assistance.

When: March 3, 2009
Where: Chattanooga Marriott Hotel at the Convention Center, Plaza C.
Note: Lunch will be provided. Space is limited; Register now to save your seat.


o 9:00 -11:30 am, Session 1: Integrating Parallel Programming into your Curriculum
Professor Matthew Wolf, CERCS, Georgia Institute of Technology, will share his experience bringing parallel programming into the undergraduate classroom. This lecture will include real life examples, best known methods, and an in depth look at how introducing parallel programming materials can help your students.

o 11:30-12:45, Session 2: Working Lunch– Participants should use their own laptops with Windows*, Linux*, or OS/X, with an OpenMP compiler installed in advance (most C/C++ compilers meet this criterion; see for details). Technical assistance will be available to make sure you're up and running for the next session.

o1:00- 5:00pm, Session 3: Introduction to OpenMP Workshop
OpenMP is one of the most straightforward language extensions for writing parallel applications, providing a simple syntax for realizing the concurrency available in multi-core systems. Join Intel expert Michael Wrinn to learn about using OpenMP for a variety of standard parallel problems. You will cover the full standard, emphasizing OpenMP 2.5, and briefly address the new task-parallel features in OpenMP 3.0. Lab exercises will be included at each stage.

To register:
Please include full name, title, institution, and e-mail address, as well as which of the sessions you wish to attend.

About the Presenters:

   Dr. Matthew Wolf is a member of the Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) at Georgia Tech. His position is as a Research Scientist in the School of Computer Science of the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as being a joint appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research targets high performance, real-time applications, particularly in the scientific collaboration space. Research topics include dynamic program adaptation; online program monitoring, tuning, and steering; task and message scheduling; basic mechanisms and policies for autonomic quality management; middleware; and software tools. This research is conducted on parallel, distributed, and embedded system platforms, in laboratories shared with end users and hardware developers.
Dr. Wolf received his BS in Physics and in Mathematics from Miami University (Ohio), and his PhD in Physics from Georgia Tech.
In his role with the Intel Academic Community, Michael Wrinn collaborates with universities to bring parallel computing to the mainstream of undergraduate education. Previous Intel assignments include managing Intel's software engineering lab in Shanghai, and directing research in human interface technology. He was Intel's representative to the committee which produced the first OpenMP specification, and remains active in the parallel computing community. Before joining Intel, Michael worked at Accelrys (San Diego), implementing commercial and research simulation codes on a wide variety of parallel/HPC systems. He holds a Ph.D. (quantum mechanics) and a B.Sc. (mathematics/chemistry/physics) from McGill University.

Intel at SIGCSE

The Intel Academic Community Team will be at SIGCSE '09 Conference in Chattanooga, TN. March 3rd through March 7th.  Visit our booth (Booth numbers 209, 211, 308, 310) to find more information on how Intel can help you integrate Multi-Core and Parallel Programming into your curriculum.

Intel will also host afternoon sessions on March 5 and 6.

Sessions at SIGCSE

Thursday March 5, 3:45-5 PM

Zander Sprague, Americas Training Manager, Intel Corporation
Dr. Matthew Wolf, Georgia Institute of Technology

Session Title: Merging onto the Parallel Programming Highways

With Multi-Core architecture becoming the norm in computing hardware, institutions of higher education are having to reevaluate their curricula. There are many daunting questions, such as, when do I start to introduce Parallel Programming concepts? How do I teach Parallel Programming, and many more. Zander Sprague will provide insight into how Intel is helping colleges and universities prepare the next generation of programmers for the new work environment. Matt Wolf will share Georgia Tech’s innovative model to bring Parallel Programming into their curriculum. Attend this session to learn what you can do today to merge onto the Parallel Programming Highway.

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