Top development challenges with Intel® AMT & suggestions

This knowledge base is a commmunity created document. It focuses on the top challenges faced by community members while developing applications for Intel AMT. It also includes their suggestions on solving them or avoiding them along with suggestions on features, benefits that can be included in the product to make development easier. Please do not forget to add in your name along with your comments.

I have been developing an AMT based software during the last 6 months. Based on my experience I would say that DTK is a great tool, but a little more technical documentation will make everything faster for developers . Regarding SDK I think it's a good base, but a better WSDL specification will help a lot all for the development; I have had to do a lot of "Trial and error" and some how fix some stuff since some WSDLs have the same names etc. Last but not least: the Provisioning/Configuration process and tools. I think there is a big Gap here (despite the DTK samples). Provisioning is the base to be able to successfully use Intel AMT and despite SCS 3 is much better than the former version it is still hard to understand and implement.

I would say that having an open source Framework for ISVs to be able to develop, improve and integrate AMT features will really help developers to be ready to handle AMT functionality in different dev. languages (I see this will be the future for DTK but a JAVA/JEE~SOA tool will also be great).
 - Maria Camila Gomez-Silva

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Hi, I love MacBook pro and airs, as well as the CPU performance of sandy bridge, but I'm an avid gamer as well, and I am concerned that if I buy the upcoming sandy bridge MacBook air, the intel HD graphics 3000 will not be adequate in term of playing more modern demanding games. Is this true? And will there be upgrades to the intergraded GPU that will put intel graphics on par with at least middle level discrete graphics cards? Please advise,

Jonathan R

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