Treating __func__ and __FUNCTION__ as string literals

Ref no: DPD200158730

Problem : 
__FUNCTION__ macro not treated as string literal

Environment : Linux C++

Root Cause/Details : 
For the pre-defined symbol __FUNCTION__, Although icpc expands it correctly, it doesn't treat it as a string literal for the purposes of string concatenation etc, and hence result in compile error. On the other hand, all of the following statements compile correctly:

printf("date = %s\n", "FOO" __DATE__);
printf("file = %s\n", "FOO" __FILE__);
printf("time = %s\n", "FOO" __TIME__);

__FUNCTION__ should also work similarly.

Resolution : 
This issue will be fixed in the latest 12.0 release in Linux, if we use the -Qoption,cpp,<option> , like in below sample code shows.

Sample code compilation :

#include <stdio.h>

char a[] = __func__;
char b[] = __FUNCTION__;

int main() {
  printf(a);   // this should not print
  printf(b);   // this also should print nothing

icpc -Qoption,cpp,--treat_func_as_string_literal_cpp tr.cpp


If we do not use the option --treat_func_as_string_literal_cpp, or just use --treat_func_as_string_literal
in the current compilers like 10.x or 11.x, then the code will not compile, and to compile it, we will need comma speration , as the macro __func__ is not treated as string and cannot be concatenated.
  This is fixed and will be released in later versions from 12.0.

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