Troubleshooting the dmidecode check: Wake-up Type


The dmidecode module of Intel® Cluster Checker reports inconsistencies in the “Wake-Up Type” value. The error may appear similar to the following example:

SMBIOS/DMI Uniformity,(dmidecode).............................................FAILED
subtest 'System Information (0x0002): Wake-up Type' failed
- failing hosts node-1, node-2 returned: 'AC Power Restored'
- failing host node-0 returned: 'Power Switch'

Modifying the Power Restore Policy or Restore on AC Power Loss setting, using either the IPMI/BIOS configuration interface or the Save and Restore System Configuration utility (syscfg), has no effect on this error.


The “Wake-Up Type” value does not represent the current setting for power restore or power-on response. It describes how the system was powered-on after the last power off, regardless of restore settings. This value may change after each boot, depending on what method was used to power-on the individual node.


This value stores dynamic data and compute nodes are not expected to have identical data for this value. It can be ignored for the purposes of Intel® Cluster Ready certification and verification.

Exclude the value by adding an exclude element to the dmidecode block in the Intel® Cluster Checker configuration file. For example:

  <exclude>System Information (0x0002): Wake-up Type</exclude>

In Intel® Cluster Checker 1.4, the exclude element has been enhanced to support regular expression matching. In this case, the following option is sufficient:

  <exclude>Wake-up Type</exclude>

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