Tutorial: Introduction to Intel Visual Fortran

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It's helpful to add text of introduction to the flash for non-native-English user.

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Epic! Thx sooo much for these basics. Just upgraded from CVF and got lost.

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It seems the tutorial is no longer available.. Could you add again the tutorial?

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We are looking into the problem of the tutorial not displaying. In the meantime, I have attached (see above) a ZIP file. Unpack this into a convenient folder and open the .htm file - it should play the tutorial. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Ah - no sooner than I post a workaround, they fix the problem!

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thank :)

this tutorial helfpull for me

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In visual studio 2008,instead of 'build solution' in build tab, there is 'build solution for intel static security analysis'
I'm at a loss about what to do.
Would you please help me?

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Much of this is self explanatory such as recent projects showing up on the start screen. What would be most useful would be training on key concepts such as "Resources" and "Headers" in the context of FORTRAN. FORTRAN is a very old language, not traditionally run in a multithreaded environment and certainly not object oriented, while Visual Studio is a very "plastic" IDE with an Object Orientation. Much of the nomenclature in Visual Studio is foreign to someone like me who is a very experienced mini and mainframe FORTRAN coder and I'm struggling to find training that addresses these things. There is copious Visual Stuido 2010 training, but it's all object oriented.

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FORTRAN may be an old language, "not traditionally run in a multithreaded environment", but Fortran is a modern language often used in such and with object-oriented features. There are quite a few excellent books on the market that teach the newer features of Fortran. Some I am familiar with are:

Scientific Software Design: The Object-Oriented Way by Damian Rouson, Jim Xia and Xiaofeng Xu
Modern Fortran: Style and Usage by Norman Clerman and Walter Spector
Modern Fortran in Practice by Arjen Markus

In our product we tend not to try to teach the language - we document it in reference style. But we have many customers who come to Intel Visual Fortran from another environment, often command line, where they are not familiar with Visual Studio concepts. It is for them this tutorial was created. Yes, there's a lot in Visual Studio that is irrelevant to Fortran, so we try to focus on the parts that are relevant.