国外很有多优秀的HTML5前端开发框架相信大家都耳熟能详:JQuery Mobile,Twitter Bootstrap, Schena Touch,  BackBone等等。


框架不是万能的,选择和项目匹配的框架可以显著提高开发效率,但是也有可能带来代码的臃肿,本着“write less, do more”思想,选择合适的框架是最重要的。其中每个框架各有特点,还需要读者自己把关。如:腾讯的JX比较适合构建和组织大规模、工业级的Web App,腾讯内部的WebQQ、Q+等产品都是采用JX框架开发。

Perceptual Computing Challenge

At the 2012 Fall Intel(R) Developer Forum,   we announced a new way of computing using natural interfaces, which we named Perceptual Computing. The Beta version of the Perceptual Computing SDK was released which can be downloaded for free.     The current version requires the use of a peripheral camera,  the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera.   But future platforms will integrate the camera into mobile devices like laptops and Ultrabooks.     There's also 

Ultimate Coder Week 3: Criticism Turns to Respect While Favorites Emerge

Week 3 has us mid-way through the developers’ work and we are seeing some struggle, and some find their way. A lot is still to happen and from the Intel side I can say we really have had no idea what situation these developers would be in; whether we’d get any apps completed or if these apps would be done within a week’s time. As the judges express this week, this is the real deal, none of these developers are not taking the easy way out. For some the decisions and paths have worked out well, and for others there have been roadblocks. But we are only half way through with a lot more work to happen as the work and polish is put on these apps. One thing is for certain this week; the judges are seeing these developers in a new light and they are starting to connect with the work and efforts. Here’s a break down of week three.


八月的上海,高温和台风轮流上阵,热闹得紧。与天气一样忙碌的一定有进入复赛的60支团队,想必大家正利用暑期加紧项目开发,争取杀入决赛吧。早在半年前大赛开幕之际,英特尔就宣布了此次大赛的决赛平台将采用今年最先进、最火爆的英特尔超极本,软件系统分别是Windows* 7和Fedora* 17。那么大赛决赛平台究竟长啥模样?又有何特性呢?刚拿到决赛平台的我们这就为大家揭开她的神秘面纱。


前些日子因为身体原因,没有完成最终对本次比赛做一个总结,今天我要完成这个总结。虽然大赛的在线测试阶段已经过去一段时间了,但是我对它仍很亲切,毕竟我参与了其中,并且获得了在线测试阶段的最高奖--答题神人奖,并由此获得了英特尔公司的lenovo ideapad 其实这是我第一次与这么多人同时竞技,也是我第一次得到这么大的奖励,在这里我要感谢我的母校大连理工大学给我这个机会同时也要感谢英特尔公司给我这个机会,感谢你们给我提供这么好的学习交流平台!还是先言归正传吧。

Intel Software @ Games Developer Conference Europe | GPA R4, Ultrabook with Sensors & Touch, prizes for your app

Monday, 13th of August GDC Europe in Cologne is calling and we are showing to game developers what Intel has to offer for them on a software as well as hardware basis.

What is Intel talking about (click on the titles to get the slides - pdf)

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