Ultrabook™ development – the fun side!

While I’ve done my fair share of programming in the past, I have yet to do any for the Ultrabook™, but I am intrigued to restart with the wealth of features (particularly utilising the available sensors) now on this platform Of course, the Intel Developer Zone ( has a wealth of resources to help a budding coder develop an application for any Intel platform.

Hangout With Ultimate Coders: Week 2 Highlights

This week, a few of the developers involved in Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual jumped on a Google+ Hangout to discuss how the contest was going, their challenges, and what they were really excited about. We had a good group of folks, including Chris Allen (Brass Monkey/Infrared5), Giuseppe Landolina (Simian Squared), Lee Bamber (The Game Creators), Chris Skaggs (Code-Monkeys) and Steff Kelsey (Infrared5).  You can watch the whole thing here:

SPARK App League Competition using Public Data Sets

On Friday Feb 22nd I attended the initial session of the Spark App League at Arizona State University's Polytechnic Campus. Ten High School teams attended this introductory session and worked through the initial setup and a few training sessions on HTML5 App Development taught by ASU Professor Ashish Amresh . 
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