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Using Node weinre to Debug Cordova* Apps

For situations where you cannot use remote debug over USB to your Android device or remote debug of your iOS device over USB with a Mac and Safari Web Inspector, weinre is a useful alternate solution. Using the weinre remote console from your desktop browser provides access to a JavaScript console in your built app that is similar to the JavaScript console found in most desktop browsers.

Installing the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) USB Driver on a Windows Computer

If your workstation is running Linux* or Apple* OS X* you already have the necessary USB drivers installed and can safely skip the instructions on this page. In that case, please see Configure USB Debug for Android* for help confirming that your Android USB debug connection is configured and working properly.

Develop Tab

Provides a built-in code editor and App Designer GUI editor. Also lists your project files and lets you explore web services, preview live source changes, and manage game assets. Intel XDK tools automatically detect when project files are saved, so you can use an external editor.This topic summarizes Develop tab features and provides links to related topics.

Getting Started with the Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg*

Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg* comprise the following features:

  • Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg* for IA JTAG debugging

    Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg* for IA JTAG debugging (IA JTAG) enable the connection of WinDbg* to a target over the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface. The server acts as a mediator and forwards the calls from WindDbg* to the IPC interface and back.

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