Visit Intel Android at Droidcon 2013 Berlin on April 8th -10th, 2013 - Win one of two smartphones

1.     How to Enter

Scan the NFC tags around the booth (Easter Eggs) and you will receive a URL. Go to URL and answer 4 questions. Hand in your business card with the 4 digit code you receive after ticking the answers and you will enter the raffle Tuesday, April 9th at 16.30h and Wednesday, April 10th at 16.15h. The winner will randomly be chosen at the specified times. The winner needs to be present to win (no delegate).

Resultados do Hackathon da Intel na UNESP

Durante os dias 25 e 26 de Março, o grupo de Software da Intel organizou um Hackathon para o desenvolvimento de apps para dispositivos móveis com HTML5, com foco em apps educacionais. O evento foi realizado na UNESP em São Paulo, e permitiu a participação remota via Internet de desenvolvedores de outros estados e cidades brasileiras.

Ultimate Coders at GDC 2013

Next week, March 25-29, 2013, the world’s largest professionals-only game industry event will kick off in San Francisco, California. The Game Developers Conference, or GDC, is an amazing event where game programmers, producers, game designers, executives, and many more all gather to talk about games and the future of the gaming industry. Over 20,000 attendees are expected at GDC 2013, with over 400 panels, tutorials, lectures, and presentations on game development topics.

Tweet to enter the Intel Perceptual Computing Developer Ultrabook giveaway at GDC!

Attention GDC attendees: Intel is giving away a free Zenbook! To enter, simply attend an Intel Perceptual Computing event and tweet a photo between Sunday 3/24 and Thursday 3/28 at 12:30PM PDT. Developers can receive up to 10 entries for qualiying tweets. We'll randomly draw a winner and announce from the @PerceptualSDK handle at 2:00 PM PDT. The winner can join us at Intel booth #1016 at 4:00 PM PDT to receive their Zenbook.

 Here are the ways you can enter to win!

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