Creación de aplicaciones que funcionen en diferentes sistemas operativos para dispositivos móviles con Intel® INDE

Para comenzar a crear aplicaciones que funcionen en diferentes sistemas operativos con funcionalidades de procesamiento de video, transcodificación y efectos especiales, lo mejor es Media for Mobile, que forma parte del paquete INDE. ¿Por qué?

Academic Pricing

Intel recognizes the value that academia brings to accelerating new discoveries and to improving our understanding of the world. Intel offers substantially discounted pricing on all Intel® Software Development Products to faculty members and faculty personnel at
degree-granting institutions of higher learning whose primary purpose is to provide education to the general public (colleges and universities).

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  • Data Plane Development Kit Overview

    The Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) is a key ingredient addressing the data plane needs of Telecom and Networking applications implemented on general purpose processors.  It is an optimized library in Linux User Space offering a higher level of packet processing throughput than standard Linux network interfaces.

    DPDK fundamentals:

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