对象:所有参加英特尔杯第四届全国大学生软件创新大赛的学生个人及团队,所有学习 MeeGo 的在校学生或开发者(如未参加本届大赛,则不能参与最佳团队博主的评比,但仍可参加最佳个人及其它奖项评比)


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  • Think Parallel-Training Opportunity with the Intel Academic Community

    Are you attending SIGCSE 09? Be sure to take advantage of this free pre-show lecture and workshop from the Intel Academic Community. Join us on March 3 for a day of parallelism, with time built in for technical assistance
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  • Летняя школа Intel 2011

    В июле – августе 2011-го года в центрах разработки программного обеспечения компании Intel: Нижнем Новгороде, Новосибирске и Сарове - пройдут Летние молодежные школы. Более пятидесяти российских студентов, магистрантов и аспирантов, отобранных на конкурсной основе, получат уникальную возможность пройти стажировку в сфере современных информационно-коммуникационных технологий.

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  • Speed Geeking

    A similar concept to "Speed Dating" :) Fun and ingenious when applied to Mashup Camp and Mashup developers.

    At Mashup Camp, developers demonstrate their mashup(s) in short 15 minute sessions at their demo tables. Attendees move from table to table and cast their votes (using wooden nickels) for the Best at Camp Mashup.

    To see Intel examples of Speedgeeking at Mashup Camp 2, check out our event wiki.
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  • Intel Mobile at Mashup Camp

    David Berlind and Eleanor Kruszewski came up with the idea to host an unconference to share awareness and discuss the use of APIs being published by companies like Yahoo!, Google, A9 (Amazon), eBay, Microsoft, EVDB, and others. The first event was held on February 20-21, 2006. Intel is actively participating in the July 12-13, 2006 event and will be demonstrating API based mashups with Amazon and Elephant Drive.

    What is a mashup?
    A website or web application that used web services or APIs to combines content from more than one source.

    Why have a camp?
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  • Intel® vPro™ Developer Virtual Bootcamp

    Jump start your software development for the soon to be released Intel® Core™2 processor with vPro™ technology (codenamed: McCreary). Get an overview of the Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) and all new features in the Intel AMT 4.0/5.0. Register for this free event and take advantage of this great learning & networking opportunity.

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  • River Trail: Bringing Parallelism to Web Applications on Top of Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications

    To the Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications main page

    River Trail is an Intel Labs project that enables data-parallelism in web applications by leveraging multiple CPU cores and vector instructions in the boundaries of the familiar JavaScript* programming paradigm. River Trail exploits the parallel power of CPUs using OpenCL language with the Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications.

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