Intel® Threading Building Blocks 3.0 Released

Intel® Threading Building Blocks 3.0 (Intel® TBB) is now available for download. This latest release of Intel TBB 3.0 offers extended compatibility support for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2010 Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) and Concurrency Runtime (ConcRT); new task scheduler features; enhanced performance; and expanded functions.

What's New in Intel TBB 3.0:

  • Intel® Threading Building Blocks
  • Parallel Computing
  • TBB 3.0: New (today) Version of Intel Threading Building Blocks

    Intel is happy to introduce Intel® Threading Building Blocks 3.0 (Intel® TBB). Intel TBB 3.0 builds on the past four years of Intel TBB by adding to the breadth and depth of features in the library, improving performance, and in the Windows* version utilizing the latest developments from Microsoft to support parallelism.

    First, I will recap with a brief history of Intel TBB, skip this if you want to rush to the new features. And be sure to read about Adobe at the end of my blog.

    History: Outfitting C++ for parallelism

    Updates today for our compilers, libraries and cluster toolkits

    Today we released updates for our C++ and Fortran compilers, our Intel Math Kernel (MKL) and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) libraries and Cluster toolkits. Noteworthy additions include outstanding performance enhancements, support of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) and inclusion of some elements that debuted in Intel® Parallel Studio last month.

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