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Profiling Python* With Intel® VTune™ Amplifier: A Covariance Demonstration


Intel® VTune™ Amplifier is source-code profiling software, popular in the High Performance Computing (HPC) community for its versatile and accurate sampling as well as its low collection overhead. Software stack sampling, thread profiling, and low-level hardware event sampling are all available. Along with command line interface, Intel VTune Amplifier also has a mature and convenient graphical user interface. A user can “mouse-around” and effectively dig through their code and map bottlenecks to specific lines in the source.

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  • Boost Your C++ Applications with Persistent Memory – A Simple grep Example

    This tutorial shows how to use the C++ bindings of libpmemobj, a core library of the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK), to convert a simplified version of the UNIX command-line utility grep to use persistent memory. A supporting code sample is available on GitHub.
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  • Tips to Measure the Performance of Matrix Multiplication Using Intel® MKL

    Intel® MKL provide a highly optimized and extensively threaded general matrix-matrix multiplication (GEMM) functions. In this article, we explain how to design and measure of the performance using Intel® MKL SGEMM, and outline about 7 tips to help developers to perform the performance test and quickly evaluate the floating pointing computing capability (FLOPS) on specified processor.
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    Implementing a Fault-Tolerant Algorithm for Persistent Memory Using PMDK - A MapReduce Example

    This code sample shows how to implement fault tolerance in a persistent memory version of the famous MapReduce (MR) algorithm. It uses libpmemobj C++ bindings of the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK).
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  • 没有任何秘密的 API:Vulkan* 简介第 6 部分

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  • 使用英特尔® SPMD 程序编译器实现游戏 CPU 的矢量化

    使用英特尔® SPMD 程序编译器(在之前的文档中通常被称作 ISPC)将高度矢量化的 GPU 计算内核迁移至 CPU 代码。附上 Github 代码示例的链接,以帮助您使用备用 CPU 周期创建更丰富的游戏体验。
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