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Porting Letter Recognition Gesture Code from iOS to Windows 8 C#

Consider an educational app that teaches a child how to write letters.  The app may be interactive, allowing the child to swipe screens, pinch/zoom pictures, etc.  Now, what if the app was able to teach handwriting by recognizing if the child drew a particular letter?  I'm going to talk about how a developer can handle this scenario.  The goal here is to assume that iOS* code already exists for this and that it needs to be ported over to Windows 8* using the C# language.  If you are intereste

Parallel sorts for Cilk Plus

This article describes the parallel sorts in the latest release of “Cilkpub”, an open-source library of utilities for Intel® Cilk™ Plus. 

  • cilk_sort
  • cilk_sort_in_place

They are designed to be replacements for std::sort that may provide speedup when sorting many items (on the order of at least 10000). For example:

extern float a[];
cilkpub::cilk_sort( a, a+n );
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  • Resultados do Hackathon da Intel na UNESP

    Durante os dias 25 e 26 de Março, o grupo de Software da Intel organizou um Hackathon para o desenvolvimento de apps para dispositivos móveis com HTML5, com foco em apps educacionais. O evento foi realizado na UNESP em São Paulo, e permitiu a participação remota via Internet de desenvolvedores de outros estados e cidades brasileiras.

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